The main goal of the Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan is to achieve a broad knowledge in the field of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes for the development of the productive forces in the Republic of Kazakhstan and prosperity of its citizens.

The activities of the Association NSK have the following areas:

  • publication and participation in the media
  • production and distribution of information in print, the electronic media, in the form of audio, photo, video and the film production, CD-ROM, etc.
  • organization and holding in the authorized purposes of conferences, seminars, lectures, festivals, fairs, commemorative events, competitions, events, travel and other events in the prescribed manner
  • institution on behalf of the Association for statutory purposes of scholarships, grants, awards, prizes, including the involvement of young people and support talent
  • conducting charitable activities to authorized purposes, the provision of mentoring, especially the historic nuclear facilities and veterans of nuclear science, energy and industry
  • publication of books, magazines, brochures, books, reviews, and other popular science
  • Providing consulting, methodical, expert, scientific, technical, mediation and other forms of assistance in the use of nuclear energy and related goals and objectives of the Association
  • Information and analytical services.
  • training, retraining and advanced training