1. «NAC «Kazatomprom» reported back to the staff
2. Safe nuclear-free world to the next generations
3. Human resources are essential
4. Feasibility study of the prospects for the establishment of HTGR (KHTR) in Kazakhstan
5. Actuality of progressive development of nuclear physics for sustainable development of the RK
6. Nuclear industry veterans
7. Dual education in policy and practice
8. The first million!
9. TTC: yesterday, today and tomorrow
10. Development and adoption of cryogenic treatment for spare parts of boring pumps and drilling tools
11. Additional 10 thousand tons are gained!
12. In the run-up to certification
13. By its own efforts
14. Summed up year in review
15. Time to help
16. The day when goodness is established on earth
17. TMCP is piloting innovative technologies
18. Improvement of technological work to restore flow rate for production wells
19. A trip to Mars is not a dream - but the reality
20. Main challenges in development of new reserves on the periphery of uranium deposits «Northern and Southern Karamurun»
21. Simulation of tritium and helium interaction with lithium containing materials under neutron irradiation