PRESS-RELEASE of the International Scientific Forum «Nuclear Science and Technologies»

The International Scientific Forum "Nuclear Science and Technologies", dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, will take place on September 12-15, 2017 in Almaty. For 60 years the Institute of Nuclear Physics has become a recognized worldwide scientific center in nuclear and radiation physics, physics of nuclear reactors and charged particle accelerators, solid state physics, radiation materials science, radioecology, radiochemistry, radiopharmaceutical and development of nuclear and radiation technologies.
This Forum includes several events important for the scientific community: the traditional 11th International Conference "Nuclear and Radiation Physics", the International Conference "Nucleus-2017" and the 8th Eurasian Scientific and Practical Conference "Nuclear Science and its Applications". The Forum also includes the Meeting devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's participation in the International Intergovernmental Scientific Research Organization "Joint Institute for Nuclear Research". Currently, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research includes 18 States and 6 Associated Member-States.
The organizers of this Forum are the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, RSE "Institute of Nuclear Physics".
The International Advisory Council and the Organization Committee of the Forum included the leading experts in nuclear physics, nuclear energy, radiation materials science, radiation ecology and nuclear medicine from many countries of the world, as well as the representatives of several international organizations.
The program of the Forum consists of 4 Sessions, where the leading scientists from different countries of the world plan to discuss the topical issues of nuclear and radiation physics, materials science, radiation ecology, methods of analysis, nuclear and radiation methods in medicine and industry.
It is planned to discuss the new results of research in nuclear physics of low and medium energies, the structure and properties of atomic nuclei, the controlled thermonuclear fusion, the mechanisms of nuclear reactions and nuclei structure, the synthesis and fission of heavy and super-heavy elements.
The Session "Radiation physics of solids and the problems of materials science" addresses the issues related to formation and evolution of the defects in solids, the study of the properties of structural and fuel materials of nuclear and thermonuclear facilities, as well as the methods for producing of new materials and nano-materials.
An important place in the conference topics will be radio-ecological research of former nuclear test sites, technologies for reducing the environmental risk of radiation-hazardous facilities and territories, handling radioactive waste, and developing analytical methods in radioecology and nuclear forensics.
The work of the section "Nuclear and Radiation Methods in Medicine and Industry" will be devoted to the development of nuclear and radiation technologies, the use of developments in nuclear medicine, as well as technologies for obtaining and using radioactive isotopes.
The radio-ecological study of former nuclear test sites, the technologies for environmental risk reduction of the radiation-hazardous facilities and territories, radioactive waste handling and development of the analytical methods in radioecology and nuclear forensics are the issues of particular importance in the conference program.
The Session "Nuclear and Radiation Methods in Medicine and Industry" will be devoted to the development of nuclear and radiation technologies, the use of achievements in nuclear medicine, as well as the technologies for production and application of radioactive isotopes.
In addition, the Round Table Meeting "Research Reactors: Safety, Use, Resource Management" will be held within the framework of the Forum, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the research reactor WWR-K start-up.
More than 200 scientists from 16 countries of near and far abroad will take part in the Forum: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Czech Republic and Japan.

More detailed information about the conference is available at the website of RSE "Institute of Nuclear Physics":