The 11th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Safety Assurance of NPP with VVER"

Subject of the Conference

The Conference will address the issues related to VVER NPP operation, assurance of operability and safety of NPP in the course of design, research activities, operation and decommissioning. Participants are supposed to present papers in the following sections:
•Section 1: Development and verification of computer codes for safety substantiation
•Section 2: Issues of design-engineering solutions substantiation and experimental support during NPP designing and commissioning
•Section 3: Fuel, fuel utilization, core physics
•Section 4: Issues of operation, monitoring and control, diagnostics, modernization and life extension of operating NPPs
•Section 5: Material science, strength and water chemistry
•Section 6: Innovative reactor plants
•Section 7: Development, verification and application of CFD computer codes in nuclear engineering

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