1. We are still leaders
2. Kazakhstan uranium mining companies earned more than 1,1 bln $USD
3. Second life of Semipalatinsk test site
4. Technical tours to branch entities
5. Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan meeting with UN scholars
6. New life to the worn-out process equipment
7. Test trials’re going on
8. Life after the collapse
9. A top-leveled professional retraining for chemical engineers
10. MBI mining got off to a good start
11. Purity of environment
12. School for young carers
13. New «Kurchatov» infrasound array
14. Validation through elaboration of irradiated beryllium reprocessing technology
15. A new method for waterproofing the annular space at a construction of geotechnical wells for underground leaching the productive horizons
16. Problems with exploration of more than 1,0 % carbonate-containing units in ore-bearing horizons and the way of their solution at RU-6 LLP