1. Transformation program is initiated
2. Kazatomprom’s it infrastructure is moving toward the clouds
3. Nuclear and radiation physics
4. Looking out for radiation safety
5. «Energy, Water And Chemistry» in Astana
6. Kazakhstan sets off on «green» road towards the output growth
7. Startup day – battle of breakthrough ideas
8. There’s no future without the past
9. Ten years of successful history
10. Zarechensky route
11. Upswing equipment forwards energy saving
12. Kazakhstan advocates for CTBT commencement
13. X-ray equipment smooth-running
14. NNC - UMP - Kurchatov
15. Success has a ripple effect
16. Theatre party in UMP
17. Any sandpiper is great in his own swamp
19. Study the possibilities for applying radioisotope methods in prospecting and assessing infiltration uranium deposits In Southern Kazakhstan
20. Relevance for application of drill mud in well-drilling and constructing of production and prospecting boreholes with core samples collection
21. Improvement of uranium production management on the basis of computer modeling of process units operation
22. «AZGIR» and military test site «KAPUSTIN YAR» to the formation of radioecological situation at the settlements adjacent to these test sites