1. Digital mine: phase 1
2. Prospects of fast neutron MBIR reactor project
3. Startup succeeded
4. Introduction of new method to improve well’s efficiency
5. The leader of energy efficiency
6. Brachytherapy: is a new one in nuclear medicine
7. Monitoring of nuclear tests and their consequences
8. Transformation process is going on
9. The SMCC opens up new horizons for the management system
10. Energy saving efforts are underway
11. New infrasound station started up
12. Transformation: 20 questions and answers
13. The UMP keeps options open
14. Irradiation sterilization of medical products
15. Sport is life!
16. Our labor dynasties
17. Hydro-pneumatic blow a bed method
18. Geophysical data integrity service at stratum-infiltration – type uranium deposits
19. Radium determination method