1. Reactive power compensation is reached
2. Kazakhstan sets off on «green» road towards the output growth
3. Seismic resistance of expecting LEU bank
4. For the high quality of environmental monitoring
5. Akbastau: alternative energy sources
6. The science is the future of youth
7. Energy need breeds demand for uranium
8. Advances in technological productivity of drilling and constructing a technological well in drillhole ISL
9. «Ortalyk» LLP launched heat recovery unit
10. Three conditions for success
11. Unique vacuum-arc furnace at UMP
12.12th birthday of UMP association of youth
13. «UMP» JSC has successfully passed recertification
14. The Day of Victory!
15. They presented joyfulness to the children
16. There is such a leader and teacher
17. The effectiveness of repair and renewal operations at Kazakhstani uranium deposits by the example of Northern and Southern Karamurun deposits
18. Set of engineering proposals for producing of 275С pellets in «Induga» furnace
19. Ground stripper washing completion & rro unit «UPOS A1»
20. Compliance of technology regulations is the way to reduce the uranium mining cost