1. Transformation of Kazatomprom
2. Kazatomprom boosts marketing
3. Experiments in progress
4. New projects
5. Start the installation and start-up again
6. INP will help with your choice
7. Keeps pace with transformation
8. Working hard means living well
9. Реактор - made in China New chinese HPR1000 reactor
10. It’s all about the pellets
11. «Kyzylkum» ltd is adopting pre-mining acidification technique
12. Workshop «B» is ready to take the orders
13. Creating laboratory
14. The big is seen from a distance
15. Competent expert and talented manager
16. «JV «Inkai» ltd experience in industrial application of ammonium bifluoride
17. Improvement of chemical treatment of extraction wells at «Karamurun» minefield