1.  The alternative born in kazakhstan steppe
2.  The budgeting system develpoment at industrial enterprises
3.  Twenty years after
4.  Our scientists in Cadarache
5.  What is good with hazardous uranium ? 
6.  Uranium mining and the environment protection
7.  Our word in geotechnological developments
8.  Uranium phobias and real threats
9.  Responsibility to people and nature
10 .Pure quality
11. 20th anniversary of the institute of geophysical research.
12. The proven method
13. Deeds match words
14. We choose… we are being chosen
15. Happy victory day! 
16. Let’s have you volunteer clean-up! 
17. So sparks fly only! 
18. Electricity is a delicate matter
19. Family proceeding
20. Lifework
21. Acknowledge of the merit
22. Experimentation at KIR «Baikal-1»
23. The oretical basis of hydraulic performance the cavitation disperser